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Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester
Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester is an instrument to completely clean and test an old used spark plug which is used in petrol, gasoline and kerosene engines. Spark Plug Cleaner is an instrument which is a necessity of a well equipped modern workshop/garage to make a used spark plug to work as a brand new one. We are also enlisted as one amongst the reliable Spark Plug Tester Manufacturers in Delhi. A clean and better spark plug will give you:
  • A better starting.

  • Reduced fuel consumption.

  • A better acceleration.

  • Reduced pollution (carbon monoxide).
These are available in varied designs with multi models such as:
  • Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester – Steel Body with Tool Box

  • Spark Plug Cleaner – Front Operated
We hope this Spark Plug Cleaner Tester, Spark Plug Cleaner will give you a better capability, more efficiency and maximum productivity.
Features :
  • Based on Sand Blast Technology

  • Compact Design

  • Thick Steel Body

  • Easy in Operation

  • Two separate chambers for cleaning & testing

  • Two line micro switch for soft touch operation & long life

  • Mirror reflection chamber window for visual checking of the spark during the time of testing

  • Critical parts mode from brass/aluminum alloys

  • Wall mounting fitting models

  • Suitable for all types of Car/Motorcycle/Scooter/Generator/Automobile Workshops
Specifications :
  • Working Air Pressure : 5kg/cm2 – 16kg/cm2
    o For Cleaning the Plug - 5kg/cm2 – 16kg/cm2
    o For Electrical Testing of the Plug - 10 kg/cm2 – 16kg/cm2

  • Power Supply : Input Voltage 220V AC with earth
    o Output Voltage 12kv – 19kv (HT voltage)

  • Electronic Vibrator : 220V/12V
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